You are all wonderfully made

Guest Author: Melodic Rose

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

I am a victim of abuse. I am no longer ashamed of my story but for a long time I was. Taught to live under a regime of fear by an ex-lover who psychologically took my autonomy away. Taught to live cowering in a corner by the same man who said he loved me.

I am a victim of abuse. Violently told to keep my mouth shut, not to use my voice, not to speak up. See I know a little something of pain, of men who raise their voices before the night is through. That moment when your body becomes a chess piece on someone else game, so they shuffle your confidence into nothingness. Attempting to strip you of your dignity, your will to live.

I am a victim of abuse. I’ve seen a man clench his hand into a fist and punch through a table. His intention to remind me, that it wouldn’t take much for that same fist to go breaking through all of my bones. I’ve heard a man lie through his teeth about his past, seen him discard his children like they were just pieces of paper meant for the waste paper basket and I’ve cried into more pillows than I can remember actually using for sleep. I know a little something about suitcases and making jailbreaks, just to get away from a captor.

You sir thrive in silence and I will be silent no longer.

But now the time has gone and I can say I made it. Took that lion of injustice and put him in his place. Because you sir thrive in silence and I will be silent no longer. I will never stop speaking of you. Never stop telling my story, in the hopes that I can take my power back from you. I no longer give you the permission to control, antagonize or humiliate me. I no longer allow you to write words into my story that never belonged there. I no longer allow you to hammer cruelty into my flesh; I am worth so much more than this.

I have grown beyond anything you can hope to comprehend, but you will always be a coward. Masquerading behind the big bad wolf, in order to subject women for your own selfish games. So read it here and listen closely. Your story ends here, your reign of terror ends today.

Abuse in any form is wrong. It has no gender.

I’m a diamond, a treasure and if you couldn’t see it, it will always be your loss. For any man or woman who is a subject of abuse, listen closely; you have all the power in the world to change your story. You are all wonderfully made. Abuse in any form is wrong. It has no gender. You have the right to live at peace and be happy. It took me a long time to learn this. Take back that power. Stand up for yourself. I have every belief in you. Don’t let anyone strip of your value.

When you finally learn the power of your words, of your majesty in this world, then you will understand how much your life matters. I made it and so will you.



Very well said! Proud of you without even knowing you!

God Bless You!💪👊


Beautifully written. It spoke to my heart. Thank you for sharing this.



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