Landsblog: The bettering of my mind

Guest Author: Alyssia

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

One thousand four hundred and forty-nine,

The number of times YOUR work has contributed to the bettering of my mind. 

The videos that help me realize it’s okay to not always be fine, 

That in fact, other humans are battling at the exact same time. 

A soul so vulnerable and he’s brave enough to be real, 

So that he can impact the country, maybe even the world,

To budge from its standstill.

The analogies I’ve learned, help acknowledge my slump,

Articles and videos, help soften the bump.

Mental illness is a tough one, constantly struggling for “the answer”,

Yet it’s not viewed the same as someone who is fighting cancer. 

It’s invisible so no one gets it, they say it’s all in your head, 

Thanks genius, but that doesn’t help when I’m stuck in my bed. 

But what does help is the Landsblog, the concept of SickNotWeak, 

Proof that I don’t need to blend in with the meak. 

A soul so vulnerable and he’s brave enough to be real

An organization so beautiful, full of values and power, 

With hashtags that remind me to be #ProudOfTheShower

And at times when it’s cloudy, he acknowledges a 4 is okay, 

Because perhaps I’m experiencing the 2nd S in #SWISS on that particular day.  

I can identify with the frustration in the #FuckTheWalk, 

I don’t need their shallow suggestions, I don’t want small talk. 

What I want is an ear, someone to help me feel understood

And those 1449 videos have been something that could. 

And so I value the contribution of SickNotWeak in my life, 

Everyday I make strides to battle with this strife. 

I especially identify when he talks to First Responders, 

After all, it’s behind the prison walls that I usually ponder. 

I learned fairly quickly that it’s okay to feel how I feel, 

And by addressing my concerns, I become healthier and I too am real. 

I’m branching out into a human who is a strong advocate for self care, 

So, look out world, I’m unstoppable, you better be prepared! 




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