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Guest Author: Laura

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

Hello. My name is Laura and I would like to clarify my official mental health diagnosis: Severe depression. It wasn’t till October 4th, 2016 when I officially received my diagnosis which had been more than aware for myself since April of 2014 in my final year of high school. Regardless of what happened in my previous depressive episode in the 2nd semester of my first year at college, I’ve spent every day dedicating my time to working on my recovery from that episode.

Therefore I didn’t have much of a support system that I could speak about my mental health issues: Only Tracey (a mental health advocate, suffered with depression, self harmed, survived 10 suicide attempts, and on top of that, has a seizure disorder), some friends who are able to relate connected through social media sites, and any counselors and life coach. Other than that, I was alone; I couldn’t have my parents nor my sister’s support with my mental health issues for they basically reacted in ways that have stigma written all over.

Regardless the little support I had, I managed to stay strong

When I came home from my first year of college on April 24, my recovery for my mental health had started. Regardless the little support I had, I managed to stay strong, held onto what little hope I had in having my family on my side supporting me every step of this journey, and came out only stronger but also more unashamed and confident for all that my long journey in recovery has given me and all I learned and experienced before and during the journey itself. I’m ever so truly grateful for it all.

Through the little stages that I regained or learned and received through experience, it was a journey that I’m so truly grateful, happy, and proud of for accomplishing. In the beginning of my recovery journey, I thought that I’m gonna do this so I can look back a year from that day or month and be proud for accomplishing my recovery. Knowing how truly important mental health is on top of being such a mental health advocate myself for about a year now, I’ve learned and gained so much and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than what I got.

Through all that I’ve learned from my mental health recovery, I intend to continue working on my project of my own biography (in which I started as of February 3rd till sometime this year) with about 46,000 words. Yet I still have a lot more content to add along with a lot of editing, planning of the book (chapters: setup; layout, etc) picking out the perfect title and cover and back pictures along with any extra little details. I plan to finish this project of mine sometime next year (2017).

Since September of 2014 in the beginning of my first year at College for the Office Administration, General program, I eventually found myself posting inspiring posts on my Tumblr blog known as “Laura1646.” It only received about 400 followers but I never took them for granted, only appreciated them as greatly as anyone should. And not only that, received great and unforgettable comments in reblogs, messages and more on how my fans love my blog and some comments stated that my blog is: “inspirational and relatable,” “uplifting & encouraging” and they agree with the way I interpret things, and believe it’s beautiful.” These comments really made my day knowing that others took the time to send me a message/comment on my blog. It made something great to me. I also received some direct messages regarding their own questions like “the purpose of having friends” and others too, which like this one, makes sense to how one would question something as important as friends.

For this experience, it helped give me such purpose

For this experience, it helped give me such purpose and not long after decided that I continue to pursue that portion of my purpose and true passion like possibly as a “Clinical counselor” helping others in the mental health area, inspiring them using my experiences, how I found creative ways to cope, succeed in my recovery and overall survive it. I have found my life purpose since grade 8 when picking a country to research for a project. Haiti was accepted to research for the project, I got it approved by the teacher, received an “A,” and knowing about Haiti’s earthquake in 2010, it made me wonder about wanting to do something to fix all these kinds of issues our world has.

Since then, it has become quite a passion and purpose, for about 6 years now. Along with my passion and advocacy for mental health. To conclude here, I’m not ashamed of my mental condition, regardless of where my family are in supporting me in this long journey; I’m past defining my condition as part of my personality but more importantly, something I’m proud for all it has given me in return. I’d be happiest pursing a career in the mental health career path as a clinical counselor.



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