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Suicide is impossible for a healthy mind to understand. If someone hasn’t been to the edge then they have no idea what it feels like. So when we, as a family say “please do not end your life”, many of us are speaking from experience.

Please reach out for help. That can mean going to the emergency room at your local hospital. It can mean sharing the depth of your pain with someone close to you. It can mean dialling 911 in many countries. It can mean calling your local suicide hot line, or click on this link, and find someone to share with:

We understand what this pain feels like. Many in the #SickNotWeak family have been to the edge. Some have jumped over the edge, but lived to be able to tell you that life is a better option than death.

Tyson Williams was on the edge.

One thing that can save your life is knowing that depression is a liar. It knows what makes you vulnerable and it preys on you. If it’s telling you that people who love you will be better off without you, then you need to know that is a lie. Depression has no conscience. You will be missed. More than you can possibly imagine.

The voice lied to Connor. And it’s lying to you right now. You can get help. You aren’t alone. Your life matters. You will be missed. You are sick not weak.

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