Caring for Someone with a Mental Health Challenge

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It’s a beautiful day where Michael is, and he has the ability to appreciate it, something he never takes for granted. He also never takes for granted the challenge in caring for someone with a mental health challenge. Michael wants to know- got any tips? #SickNotWeak

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Ted Bouskill
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I had no idea until recently that you were dealing with mental health issues Mr Ladnsberg. I’m happy you are on a healing path. I’m delighted you are bringing more voices to the subject.

Darcy Judd
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Hello Michael, #sicknotweak was brought to my attention by my brother-in-law last month. We both are dealing with multiple mental health issues and I’m so glad to see there’s an initiative for us guys. If you grew up in the “old days” men never talked about their feelings, we just supressed it down inside and let it eat at our soul. I am very interested in helping out and working directly with you, please reach out if you need a hand.
Love Ya Brother!
D William Judd

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In response to your question, I realized that I can’t fix the person. Not at all, don’t even try. And that can be very, very frustrating for someone, especially if you’re a fixer. You have to help where you can.

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This Video gives helpful tips for those caring for someone with a mental health challenge.You can aslo read Signs That You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Brandon Williams
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Where did the daily Landsblog go? It helped me thru some tough times in early 2020. However I am guilty of not frequenting the site nearly as much now that my mental health is stronger. Miss ya Landsberg, and on 1050 as well!

zoritoler imol
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You have observed very interesting points! ps nice web site.

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Real clear site, regards for this post.

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