Is COVID-19 a Blessing in Disguise?

Guest Author: Alyssia

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

It’s difficult to sit here and watch my community crumble in front of my eyes.
Last week this time, my eyes rolled at the panic,
I couldn’t even stand it, watching the community’s sighs, and everyone frantic.
Not believing this could ever lead to demise but to my surprise, it has impacted a lot of lives.
And though I tried not to become stressed, I did because there’s nothing left,
All of my go-to-supports are closed in all of this mess and so I had to address,
This fear. One by one, all of my avenues closed and I suppose
That’s for everyone’s health but it’s going to impact a lot of people’s wealth
And not just financially, this is going to impact people substantially,
The trickle effects will spread rapidly, and effect people drastically, it’s sad to see,
All of this unfold internationally, it’s a tragedy
But comfort lies in knowing I’m not an anomaly
And together we can breakthrough valiantly.

They have to do the right thing.

It hit me the most yesterday, just before sunset,
I received that final email the closure of my last outlet,
Them too, closing their doors to prevent the onset of disease,
These decisions are not a breeze, their pros and cons are extreme,
They are not made lightly I know, but the pressure is strong and mighty and so,
They have to do the right thing.
Because remaining open would be like swimming when it’s lightening.
The risks are too frightening.
But these times do not excite me, I’m someone who needs community,
And without it, my chest was tightening, and my fear was heightening,
I’m not an introvert by any means, this isn’t enlightening.

This morning it felt like a ghost town – I was surrounded by silence
And within those waking moments, I felt like a client that will never be seen,
Alone in this world that may sound extreme
But it’s now, of all times that we need to lean on each other,
Everyone in your community is a sister or a brother.
Make sure you call your friends, check in with one another…
Otherwise we will start to feel smothered in this self isolation,
These times are devastating and I’m doing the tracing of why,
I cannot lie, it reminds me of being my own parent, constantly coherent
Yet a wreck because my emotions are on the sleeve that I’m wearing …
But I know what I’m fearing.

That resiliency in me is exciting.

And so this is my time to connect with me, it might be a sight to see,
But realistically it’s a reminder for all of us to take self care seriously.
For me that means writing,
Because I’d rather be ink on a page than full of emotions and internal battles I’m fighting,
These adversities all transform to my power on stage;
When my strength feels like lightening,
That resiliency in me is exciting.

It will be a sense of gratitude like no other.

COVID-19 is something we will face together, and while our ties feel severed,
We can still congregate in small quantities together.
Less than 10 I suppose, no one really knows how this will go,
The common goal is just not to expose the illness further,
But one thing it can’t take away is my workouts and runs in outdoor weather.
And maybe when it’s all over we can approach this community like a new settler,
Strengthening our bonds and appreciation for each other.
It will be a sense of gratitude like no other.

we have an opportunity to listen.

But for now – turn inward, take a deep breath.
Pray if you’d like to, to explore this concept.
Remember to practice serenity for the things we can’t change,
Constantly be in alignment with your body’s gauge –
In this forced silencing of life,
We all have intuition,
And right now is our time, we have an opportunity to listen.
I get it, right now it may feel like the panic isn’t lessening,
Believe me, I can relate to those feelings of stressing.
We’re all going through this, we can fight in unity.
And together this will only strengthen our community
I am confident we will come out stronger after this “COVID session”
And so for that reason, maybe this is actually a blessing.

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