Missing Mom

Guest Author: Robin

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

I love you, Mom, please tuck me in. 
I miss you, Mom, the pain within.

Your touch of love, is deeply missed.
Your warmth & heart, too long the list.

Your smile so bright, your laugh so fun.
Those days are gone, those days are done.

My tears they fall, each day, each week.
The sadness lies, so incomplete. 

Your hugs so tight, the love is felt.
You left too soon, the card’s been dealt.

Your love has shown your love to all.
Your caring ways, so proud, so tall.

The hurt so deep, the tears I cry.
My heart so broke, I wonder why?

You are my Mom, will never change.
The day you left, still feels so strange.

I need you back, I need you now.
So hurt, so lost, the why’s, the how’s.

The loss so hard, can’t think, can’t speak.
My tears they fall, it makes me weak.

They say time heals, time I don’t need.
Just want you back, I beg, I plead.

Mommy dear, I miss you so.
Heart’s blank, it’s bare; hard to swallow.

We said goodbye, too fast, too soon.
They called your name, they had the room.

The pain so hard, the pain so deep.
Emptiness, sadness; I cry, I weep.

My Mommy, my love, my angel you’ll be.
My heart & my soul, til that day, with me.

~ Robin, February 14, 2019



Wow. This is raw and beautiful. It is very similar to how I felt on October 17th, 2002 when Mom chose to end her life. (((HUGS)))

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