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In January of 2018, I was diagnosed with having the Bipolar 2 disorder for mental illness. To say my life has drastically changed since then would be huge understatement. I believe we have come a long way in ending the stigma of depression.

But as far as Bipolar disorders go, we still have some goals that have yet to be achieved.

We are lawyers, doctors, musicians, comedians.

Who are we?

People with Bipolar disorders are often highly functioning individuals. We are lawyers, doctors, musicians, comedians, and the list goes on. We have feelings and our emotions can run the gamut from extreme highs to extreme lows.

Why we medicate?

We medicate because our emotions can fluctuate often times from highs to lows on a daily basis. Medication helps us reduce the fluctuation of high and lows. Medication can never solve or cure Bipolar disorders but it can help us lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

The importance of Counseling

Along with proper medication, counseling can often help Bipolar individuals have more fulfilling lives by identifying what triggers a person into mood swings. I have been seeing a counselor for 10 years and I can tell you it is highly beneficial for someone who has any type of mental illness.

Tell anyone what makes you be you.

So how do we end the stigma?

I heard someone say one time that knowledge is power. The key is first getting individuals with Bipolar disorders to talk about their disorders with whomever will listen. Tell anyone what makes you be you. This is a very important step toward ending the stigma of Bipolar disorders.

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You did a great job writing the article Colby! It was short, precise, and informative. Be proud!

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Short and totally clear and on point.

Well done.

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And let us continue the language we “have bipolar” we aren’t “bipolar”. The Illness doesn’t own us!

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Great article Colby! I can hear your voice saying those words!

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