Mind Games

Guest Author: Robin

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

The thoughts you don’t want, the thoughts you don’t like,
The thoughts that you know, it’s all so alike.
The hollowness, emptiness, your thoughts so sad,
It feels so real, you feel nothing but mad.
You feel angry and lonely at the same time,
You know you need help but it feels like a lie.
You yell and you scream, you want to be found,
Just want someone to listen, you just want to drown.

Hopelessness, fear, it’s too hard to take,

When death is your vision, death is at stake.

You’ve lost all your strength, the battle is real,

The fight you may lose, G-d please take the wheel.
Your pounding heart beats, your breathing is deep.
Your tears keep falling, you do nothing but weep.
It breaks you, it steers you, it’s always around, 
This thing called depression, can go to hell!
Your head that plays games, you just want to die, 
You’re looking for help, you beg with your cries.
There’s no one to call, there’s no one to see,
The pain controls your body, with no relief.
The crying, the shaking, the feelings all true,
You just want to give up, you just want the old you.
The love and support from your friends and your fam,
They just want to help, you think it’s a scam.
Your mind it tells lies, the demons they’ll win,
The strength you must find, the fight, the will, your life..

Deep within.



This is well written Robin.Keep up the fight.


Be strong Robin, it’s great that you are writing it on paper 💓let it all out

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