Charcoal Milkshake

Guest Author: Jody

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

Brief Description About The Story:
Greetings ! I am not healed. This is a journey! But like my very good friend once said, “just walk one foot in front of the other, and watch out where you’re stepping!” I have been suicidal in the past and made a few attempts. My brother completed it, unfortunately. I have dealt with much abuse physical, & sexual abuse from when I was a young child. But I am on a healing journey and I have met the Author of Life who is a Balm to my weary Soul. I am a poet. And that to has helped heal my pain



“Oh i hear the Charcoal

 Is good this time of year,”

 She said while mixing.

 “Doesn’t get much better

   And the bouquet,    

 How to describe it..?        

“Perhaps one might recall

The Ambiance of Youth

Trunk surfing, or playing

Chicken with the loco..”

“Motives?? Do they really

Matter anyway??

‘She said this,

He didn’t do that..'”


I could tell they

Were jesting..

But i was not

As i mumbled

” i did not want 

This to End This Way.”

And i drank their

charcoal milkshake.


December 24, 2012

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