Benefits of an active lifestyle

Guest Author: Scott

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

I have been living with this for as long as I can remember. I think everything this site, Bell Let’s Talk, and especially the things from Michael and Clara are nothing short of inspiring. To own it, raise awareness, and become a constant beacon of light on the topic of mental health is truly incredible. Both have been role models for myself in that they suffer but still fight it and thrive in their own personal journey. I have always been a firm believer in not only talking about it but that every individual owes it to themselves to be active.

Having the courage to talk about it is the first step, and it was the hardest for me to do after going through the peaks and valleys over the years. I inadvertently became a runner through injury recovery and quickly realized how much of an impact it made on my mental health. I’m 35, a runner of 3 years, and have now completed a number of half marathons, 3 marathons, and next week I am tackling the Squamish 50 miler, easily Canada’s toughest 50-mile foot race.

Testing how strong I am, not only physically but mentally as well

It’s one week away and I am full of doubt and anxiety as I am also recovering from a hamstring injury. Despite lost training time and a number of undesirable weeks, I am excited at the chance of testing myself – testing how strong I am, not only physically but mentally as well. The mental side of running an ultramarathon is what veterans say is the hardest thing to master, and this is why I chose this race; to test my mental toughness.

The benefits that come from living an active lifestyle – whether it’s a 30-minute walk, an 8 mile run, or 2-hour bike ride are tremendous! For me it is part of my life and I truly think it helps the root of the problem of mental health to help prevent symptoms from manifesting. Exercise is a preventative measure in guarding against mental illness much like eating healthy, nutritious food can help prevent the flu 🙂 Just some food for thought. Thank you for your time.



Hey Scott,

Thanks for sharing! I’m about to run my first half-marathon after being inspired by Clara as well. The benefits have been outstanding. Physical activity can definitely lend a huge helping hand when it comes to combatting mental illness.

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