Spilt Milk: Episode 12

By Leanne Simpson

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

A behind-the-scenes look at SickNotWeakStock and what it’s like to have an anxiety attack in front of thousands of people.



Wow, Leanne! I so admire your wisdom and your over-the-top courage. It’s so rare in someone so young. You said, “You shouldn’t feel guilty for your anxiety – it’s not an inconvenience, it’s a medical condition.” That is such an important message and I hope everyone hears it. Thank you for saying it. You also stated, “No matter how happy you should be, it doesn’t mean you have to be – you just have to be you”. Thank you for being YOU.
P.S. Happy (belated?) birthday!


Thanks for the support and birthday wishes, 1in5! I was super nervous about sharing this video but I’m so glad it’s been helping people. And I don’t feel 24 yet, but I definitely threw out my back at burlesque dancing class so I might be getting older lol


I just wanted to let you know how blessed the world is with you in it. You have the * Gift * (talent) of expression and through your brave compassionate spirit , the act of sharing your pain, has touched so many lives in a positive way. The messages in your writing and videos are so raw and real…. there are times of subtle nervousness , mixed with a sprinkle of fun / blooper moments and then there is this painful to watch moment that the illness robs you of your joy .
I see nothing but a bright future for you in your journey to educate the public on mental illness and also give hope to those who suffer .

WARNING …. May Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

Happy Birthday To You , Happy Birthday To You , Happy Birthday Dear Leanne , Happy Birthday To You

Wish You All The Best On Your Special Day ( thank GOD you couldn’t hear that //////////// L O L )

Keep up the good fight


So well done, Leanne. This happened to me Tuesday. Was having really bad day, when I got to Dr I was having a good moment and Dr said ‘you’re improving’….and for a few minutes I actually believed her. Then my eyes welled up in the uber home and I realized, I still need some help. I made better notes and a care plan, and will try again at my next appt next week. You are an inspiration. Thank you for showing the truth, it really isn’t scary. You are an inspirational advocate!


Thanks for the song pepf150! I could hear you all the way in Pickering 🙂 It’s been such a great week celebrating with my SNW family. Marianne, glad you’re keeping up the fight. Next appointment will be even better since you put more work into it <3

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