Loss of Self Esteem from Depression and Anxiety

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The point of today’s #Landsblog is to talk about loss of self esteem from depression and anxiety. Do not, under any circumstances, end this early, because at the end of this you will hear a small sample of the long awaited “Depression Versus Me.” Thoughts?

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Glenn B
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It’s funny how depression can essentially drop a A bomb on your confidence. Yet it’s so localized that not anyone around you would know what happened.
Just one day you from feeling great about something . And the next If someone asks, You weren’t good ever

Rob M
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I have felt this one for years at work. Sometimes in a good environment and sometimes not so good. It has a grip on me that I cannot shake off. I am trying to reach out for help and seeing someone about it. I recognized one day Feb 17, 2022 that it can’t get the better of me anymore, but it’s so hard. #sicknotweak

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