What It’s Like When Your Spouse Suffers From Depression

By Michael Landsberg

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

We are big fans of TSN’ Jennifer Hedger at #SickNotWeak, which is why we asked her to join us for another episode of #IsolationNation. Tune in for Michael Landsberg’s chat with Jennifer and her husband Sean McCormick about how #MentalHealth challenges can affect a whole family.



As the parent of a young teen who has anxiety and depression, I found this episode so helpful and hopeful! Please consider doing a show with/for parents & siblings who are supporting a young person through depression. There’s very little out there for us!

Michael Landsberg

That’s a great idea! We actually did an episode with Michael and his son and Kelly Hrudey and his daughter talking about anxiety. We should definitely do another episode like that- specifically focusing on siblings.

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