Donovan Bailey Takeover on Isolation Nation

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It’s time for #IsolationNation! Watch now to catch Michael Landsberg’s conversation with Olympic gold medalist Donovan Bailey. Does Donovan have any experience with #MentalHealth? Watch now to find out! #SickNotWeak

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Loved you two guys having this conversation…I remember that Olympic race so well because he had the entire country cheering him on and when he won, who could forget his ecstatic response. Made Canada proud.
I think mental ilness affects most of us in one way or another; if not yourself,most people have known someone close to them that have suffered or even worse, taking their own life, as did Donavan’s close friend.
I just discovered your charity, Michael,quite recently and have to thank you for bringing mental health issues to the forefront in your own unique way and I do believe the more we talk about our illness more openly, at some point, the stigma will be gone and sufferers, as myself too, won’t have to hide and make up excuses when unwell.
I feel your Sick Not Weak posts and videos will help me connect with others experiencing some form of mental health challenges and am excited to have a place where I am understood and feel less alone with my illness. I thank you.

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