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It’s doubtful that anything could sum up what #SickNotWeak is about more than the speech given by Woodstock resident Emily Serviss. Gut-wrenching and inspiring. You need to watch.

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This was a fantastic night. It was so awesome to see all the young people in support. Even my 11 year old granddaughter was there. The courage it took for people to share their story was very awe inspiring. As a long time sufferer if bipolar 1 and anxiety disorder and who else has attempted suicide.. Just so everyone knows I was in hospital 4 1/2 months and only one of my sons visited me periodically. One never came at all. I’m very close with my family so I couldn’t figure out why I was shoved aside and when I started to get better things all changed. People don’t realize when your trying to struggle your self out of that big black hole that a simple phone call, visit, make a meal up and drop it off. It is the very small things that give hope. Without that hope things could go so wrong. Go that extra mile for someone who is suffering you just might safe a life. Like it did for me going to attempt a second time. Know this goes for all ages, someone cares. Open your heart and arms and see how many people that are there caring and loving you. The support will astonish you. So everyone remember caring, loving, support equal hope and life.

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