Basic Joy Test

The Basic Joy Test

By Michael Landsberg

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

The BJT is pass/fail. Take one thing in your life, that on a good day, brings you a little bit of joy, and on a bad day, doesn’t bring you any.


Sandy Schofield

Problem is Michael I don’t really feel joy in anything. On a few occasions when I go to my youngest daughters to see my Grandson’s one is 8 now the other is 3….when they see me more so it started with the older on Gordon he would run into my arms and jump up and give me a big hug and yes joy would spark. He is older now and he is still always happy to see my but his 3 year old brother Ian is the cutest bundle of joy…born going on forty like his mom and man he jumps up into my arms and sometimes even cries, and puts is little arms around me tight and says I love you so much Granny and he cuddles his head on me shoulder and keeps holding on for a while. Enough time to even have my daughter look and me and say your good right mom…which is a hidden meaning and comment for your feeling the joy right and she just smiles at me while Iet him hang on as long as he would like and I soak in the feeling of Joy that seems to have left me with my disorder….so it is not like that for me because every time we see him he does the same thing and I feel the same Joy, even Michael on a bad day???


I can not remember what it feels like to feel joy

I am nobody

There isn’t one day that brings me joy. I have a hard time just leaving my apt. My poor 94 yr old mother takes care of alot of my needs. Praise God for her good health.

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