‘Fight, fight, fight’: Dissociative Identity Disorder

Sexual abuse

‘Fight, fight, fight’: Dissociative Identity Disorder

My name is Shirley, I am 57 years old, and I live with a condition known...

Jan 23, 2018

Strength from pain

I'm on the path to a happy recovery. I've taken strength from my pain. I've found resolution in resiliency. Today, life isn't perfect - it's just the way it...

Aug 5, 2016

Life with PTSD

What does living with PTSD mean to me? That's both an easy and a difficult question, mainly because while I could spout off a bunch of facts about what...

Apr 28, 2016

Battle scars

I have a distinct memory of being six or seven years old and playing on the balcony of my grandmother's apartment with my two cousins. We were colouring and...

Apr 23, 2016

The Darkness

Mental health has been apart of my life for many years, however, for the longest time I didn't even know I was sick. I just thought things were happening...

Apr 11, 2016

Distractions Only Do So Much

My world was turned upside down shortly after I started the 9th grade. I was in health class and we watched a movie...

Mar 27, 2016

Theoren Fleury

Former Stanley Cup Winner and Olympic Gold Medalist, Theoren Fleury was one of the most tenacious and determined players to play the game of hockey. His lionhearted efforts did...

Mar 23, 2016