Basic Joy Test

The Basic Joy Test

By Michael Landsberg

This content contains explicit and sensitive information that may not be suitable for all ages.

The BJT is pass/fail. Take one thing in your life, that on a good day, brings you a little bit of joy, and on a bad day, doesn’t bring you any.


Sandy Schofield

Problem is Michael I don’t really feel joy in anything. On a few occasions when I go to my youngest daughters to see my Grandson’s one is 8 now the other is 3….when they see me more so it started with the older on Gordon he would run into my arms and jump up and give me a big hug and yes joy would spark. He is older now and he is still always happy to see my but his 3 year old brother Ian is the cutest bundle of joy…born going on forty like his mom and man he jumps up into my arms and sometimes even cries, and puts is little arms around me tight and says I love you so much Granny and he cuddles his head on me shoulder and keeps holding on for a while. Enough time to even have my daughter look and me and say your good right mom…which is a hidden meaning and comment for your feeling the joy right and she just smiles at me while Iet him hang on as long as he would like and I soak in the feeling of Joy that seems to have left me with my disorder….so it is not like that for me because every time we see him he does the same thing and I feel the same Joy, even Michael on a bad day???


I can not remember what it feels like to feel joy

I am nobody

There isn’t one day that brings me joy. I have a hard time just leaving my apt. My poor 94 yr old mother takes care of alot of my needs. Praise God for her good health.


I have very little joy in my life….


It is so difficult to just exist without any joy in life. I am fortunate that medications help lift my depression enough to have good days and feel joy. It is often found in small things and I am grateful to feel it!!


Interesting idea. But I wonder if little bits of pleasure can be called joy. Joy is something
incredible you feel in your heart, and only love can really bring it. Without it, life is empty and meaningless. The next time I feel better, I’ll try to think of something that brings a little bit of pleasure into my life and use that for the daily pass/fail.


I am trying to think of a few things that bring me joy these days and like the people above, I’m having trouble thinking of things. One thing I’ve done before that works, is I’ve made a list of things that have brought me joy in the past, then when I’m really bored, I look at the list and pick something. Problem is, the list does not always come easily. Sometimes it takes a while to think of things. You might even have to go out and try some things to see if they bring you joy (or still bring you joy). That’s what Bucket Lists are for. A list of things you’d like to do, acquire or accomplish before you “kick the bucket”……fun stuff!


What is the next step if you fail the joy test?

John Michael Ray

I feel joy going up on stage and singing. The rest of the time, not so much.


I Feel Joy πŸ™‚

in pain

I have lots of days with joy but I can’t seem to escape the bad days that overtake the good ones. I cannot seem to take the step that could bring me help and I fear that I have very little time left. I am afraid to confide in my family and my social network can’t begin to understand both my childhood and life and how it defined me as an adult. I have wonderful children and my biggest fear is the stain I will make on their life


From 1998 to 2006 I was the main caregiver of both my parents one after the other. I still have night terrors and all day long I have horrible visions. My 3 pets of 22 years also passed away after so I never really had a break in a decade. I moved to a small city thinking it would help…it did not. My agoraphobia has hit the level where it’s hard to get to the mailbox. In my 2 years here I haven’t spoken to a soul, made no friends obviously. There are no psychiatrists here and I also do not have a GP. Hospital said it will be an 8 year wait for a GP and longer for a psychiatrist. I take medication for my panic attacks and anxiety. I have been for 28 years. It has caused the beginnings of Dementia. I am 48 to be 49 in November. I also have depression, PTSD along with BDD and OCD. My past Psychiatrist said I am bi-polar 2. In other words my hormones are so out of wack that my PMS is considered a mental disability/bi-polar 2. I can’t see him or my GP since I moved because it would be a 2+ hour ride there and 2+ hour back on the highway in a metal coffin (car) with slow traffic. One day I got the only friend I have that lives in my old city to come here and we left at 3:30 am to get there to renew my meds. The GP said I am good for a year but she is so aloof she forgot and now I’m almost done my 3 months worth. I can’t make it back there! I can’t have a panic attack and go 10 steps back from this crap life I have. The only joy I have is the 6 adopted cats I have. We play and I forget about the pain but then I think of the 3 I had that got very ill and died. It’s a horrible circle and I can’t get out of it. No type of therapy has ever worked for me so here I am typing my story in short to see if this helps. I actually feel worse because as I type my brain is visioning every horrific thing I had to see and do for my parents and my furry babies. Home nurses back then were not helpful or came as often as they did here. I was on so much medication that my psychiatrist said it would put an elephant down. I stayed on that dose for a while and he let it go but he could have been fired. I downed my dosage very slowly. I am not on enough to keep me calm and it wears off by early night time. I thought about drinking but I do not like to feel I’m not in control. If something bad happens I need to be alert not buzzed. I have no family and no friends but that one gentleman in my old city. He does my shopping for me or I take extra meds and try really hard to go with him. I feel so useless and do not understand why I am living still. I tried to excersize and eat right but I am so weak sometimes I can’t walk to the fridge. This is a new issue. In my head it’s cancer of course but I have no Dr to help me. I have never been married nor had relations with a man since 2001 since my mother died. I get so lonely at times. Just another human to speak to but there are none. You may think how on earth has she not spoken to another human being in so long or leave the house…I got use to it I guess but my heart wants to take a walk even if alone to get some fresh air. I tried that too late, late at night and there were some odd men around so I stopped since I have been raped twice in the past. Okay my brain is scattered with thoughts and as usual this is probably a mess of a writing skill so I am sorry. I hope you all find help and heal. Thank you for reading this if you did.
Oh right, so my happy is the time I play with my cats and take pics of them. Hockey is coming up so I am so grateful for that too. I wish it was free though because disability doesn’t cover much. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day.


I find joy in my niece every day. She is 2 and the light of all of our lives. My therapist recently told me to find joy in the little things. I am trying.


I fake my smiles, joy and happiness so often, I don’t know how I feel anymore. I don’t feel genuinely “happy in my heart” anymore. I don’t know if I can explain it any better. Does that make me a fake person? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I just don’t feel anything anymore.


I have been divorced now for 6 years. Fell apart instantly, started drinking and shut myself out of any life like I had before. Before I had depression and anxiety issues. They just seemed to come out of the wood work during my divorce. I have struggled mentally for almost twenty years. I have no hope, enjoyment or joy. I’m living day to day on disability and miserable. I have lost the strong willed parent that earned two university degrees in my early thirties. I feel so alone it’s horrible.

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