Hope has no ceiling


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I will not deny this truth
Pain is a path I will choose
I am strong, I always will be
I never gave up, I never will leave
And the rest of this life is something I will beg to see

I hear voices
They tell me to end my own life
But I never will, nor will I pick up the knife
A symbol I have made that represents suicide
I’ve made that promise to myself
And I make it to you
Abandoning such, would be a pointless thing to do
For though this life carries suffering, its magic is heaven sent
The voices I hear, are one in the same, never bent
Calling my name, a name life has lent
They are my own, telling me I’m fragile
Screaming I’m insane, heard inside for miles
But they are just voices

They are just noises
And my voice is carried by a mind that chooses to make choices
Rejoice, for I have chosen, to live, and to live is to be strong
And to live is to just be, and that is something even I can see

These voices are simply noise, noise that I can tame
I scream as one, louder than any of their commands can ever say my name
And so this life I live, and so this wisdom I find, and this examined existence finds itself
Because of this, both pain and pleasure, polar opposites, are felt
And it is you I teach
Even, as it is I, whom I speak
You know now, I am bipolar
I am not weak
Sounds of myself simply leak through
But it is this same self that speaks to all of you
Listen if you want, ignore me if you choose
But I have made the invisible visible, so stigma and ignorance will loose

Tell me I am wrong
And have been all along
I will tell you I thought the same
But still I write a song
This is merely a symptom
This sickness is not a game
This is a symptom of a sickness that will listen
To the choices you make, to your undeniable position
This sickness is heavy, and ready to cause suffering
But through words of honesty, it can become just one thing
A thing that gives one purpose, which gives one reason
To never run from this life, to embrace pain without leaving
For after you hurt, you will find yourself healing
And the sky will open up to you
As hope has no ceiling

Let the sky just be
Darkness you will find
Heaven you will see



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Beautifully written….very deep. Thank you for sharing

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Well done Blake.
I felt as if I could feel what you were feeling.
You have a gift with writing, keep up the amazing work…
Let nothing hinder this talent.

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